• You will be able to join 15 minutes before class start time.
  • All students are muted for the entire class. However, chat is available to communicate.
  • Everyone has the option to allow or not allow the camera stream. However, we suggest to have it on to have the best guided experience!

The lesson interface:

General notes:

  • Refreshing the page can help


  • You can use Chromecast to view on the TV


  • Google Chrome works best on desktop
  • You can use HDMI from TV to laptop to view on the TV

Mobile Web:

  • We don't recommend this view, but it is sometimes still viewable if a laptop or desktop isn't handy.

iOS app:

  • Apple TV integration coming very soon!

It is not 100% necessary but it might be helpful to prepare:

  • yoga mat
  • water bottle


  • yoga block
  • yoga strap
  • pillow or cushion
  • blanket

We welcome beginners! Assisted moves are always welcome and available.

You may use the MixPose Chat at the right side of the lesson page to communicate with instructors before class - especially if there are any injuries or notes.