: Relaxation Yoga

Sita welcomes everyone interested in destressing, slowing down, reconnecting with the body, and rediscovering their inner strength and calm. Relaxation Yoga is a one-hour open and holistic session of mindful movement, classical postures, guided deep relaxation and a little breathwork. Yin Yoga slows us right down through long-held meditative postures with plenty of silence. Guided instruction includes variations to suit beginners and experienced practitioners. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Sita is a longtime practitioner in the Bishnu Ghosh lineage and a certified Accessible Yoga, Yin Yoga and Stress-management teacher. Sita is trained and mentored by an excellent team of Swamis and dedicated Yogis in the Satchidananda and Sivananda tradition at an ashram in her new home city of San Francisco, California.

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