Sarah Han

: Ashtanga, Vinyasa

Get ready to be energized and detoxified! I want to move with you to grow strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. My personal training and practice follow the Ashtanga method and the class will likely be an Ashtanga-inspired Vinyasa flow. I like to emphasize Ujjayi (breathing), Bandhas (lock), and Drishti (gaze) within the practice. Feel free to modify movements throughout the practice. I completed RYT-200 teacher training in Maui, HI from Ashtanga yoga instructor Christina Martini and have taken workshops with David Swenson, David Williams, and Jack Fisher. I regularly swim 1 mile in the ocean. Yoga detoxes and nourishes and I find healing and strength from each practice. I hope you can also experience cleansing and calming of the mind and body and negativities are washed away. I would be honored to share the practice with you.

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: Los Angeles, CA

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