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Jeremy Simon more_vert

: Anusara Yoga, AcroYoga

: jemhmmflare

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Jeremy began the practice of yoga in Los Angeles in 2003. He taught his first public class in San Francisco in 2006 and has continued teaching in Colorado, Oregon, and Louisiana. Jeremy is certified in Anusara Yoga, AcroYoga and Thai Massage. After having traveled the world teaching workshops, trainings, festivals, and conferences; he's found that what is most inspiring is following the path that leads us back home to ourselves. Jeremy's classes are playful, engaging and open to everyone.

Serena Xu more_vert

: Vinyasa, Power, Meditation

: coffiecake

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Serena has dedicated herself to the practice, study, and teaching of yoga since her days in college. What first started as a mere vehicle for improving flexibility to progress her ballet technique, soon took on a life of its own. She discovered the benefits of practicing yoga, everything from gaining physical strength to increased mental clarity and acuity, and now she aims to share her joy with others. She is trained in the styles of vinyasa and ashtanga. Her class is a mix of the two styles with some incorporation of ballet grace and flexibility.

Brittany Wilkewitz more_vert

: LYT Yoga, Power yoga

: yoga_byb

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My name is Brittany and I have a passion for movement. I also love space, reading, plants, sunshine and volleyball. The style of yoga I teach and the movement education I have to offer is based on the LYT method by physical therapist, Lara Heimann. It focuses on strengthening common areas that create pain in the body (knees, ankle, shoulders). My motivation is to keep people moving- pain free. I want to make you feel capable within your own body and have the confidence to continue moving in it. I have personally gained strength in my body through this method and love giving it to others. My certifications include 2- 200-hr RYT trainings, completed in 2014 and 2020 and a 20 hour aerial teacher training in 2017. I have over 3000 hours of teaching experience. I am certified in Functional Range Conditioning.

Asha Rao more_vert

: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga

: asharaoyoga

Asha Raoclose

Asha Rao, RYT-500, completed her yoga teacher training in Ashtanga/ Vinyasa Krama at lifetime fitness academy, Sugarland, Texas with Mitzi Henderson and Master Johnny Kest. She also extensively trained in Ashtanga principles and practice with Guruji Jayaram- Patanjali Yoga, and in Hatha Yoga krama with Master Baalayya and Guruji Venkateswar Rao, Hyderabad, India.Asha has taken her passion to many countries and taught Yoga in USA, India,Canada and Dubai and helped hundreds of students enjoy vibrant health.She continues to inspire, encourage students for safe, consistent, at ease yoga practice with added authentic, traditional Yoga essentials.

Mia Velez more_vert

: Yoga, Kung Fu

: tomantua

Mia Velezclose

Mia Velez entered the Integral Yoga Sangha in 2016 through the kitchen by helping to cook Thursday community lunches and silent retreat meals. In 2018 she certified as an Integral Yoga teacher to learn more of the IYI approach and be part of the lineage. Mia is a disciple of the Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu lineage and is highly influenced by her martial arts training. After completing her first 200 hour teacher training in 2008, she began to see undeniable parallel in Yoga and Kung Fu. When she began teaching Kung Fu in 2014, she incorporated Yoga insight and principles in her classes. Her goal in teaching is to connect with the students and to facilitate a safe space for exploration and self inquiry. Yoga and Kung Fu is integrated into her daily life as a mother, a preschool teacher, and an advocate for gender, race and class equality through multiple non-profits groups.

Sera Underwood more_vert

: Hatha, Pilates, Alignments

: jungleyogi

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Sera Underwood grew up in Southern California and found yoga in the late 90's, at that time her practice was focused on fitness and gaining flexibility. With time a personal evolution unfolded as the deeper teachings of yoga woke her up to the vast potentials a dedicated practice offers. She was introduced to Pilates while recovering from knee surgery in 2010 and has seen the quick results Pilates provides first hand.

Sita more_vert

: Relaxation Hatha

: louisejanesita


Sita welcomes everyone interested in destressing, slowing down, reconnecting with the body, and rediscovering their inner strength and calm. Relaxation Yoga is a one-hour open and holistic session of mindful movements, power poses, guided relaxation and a little breathwork. Guided instruction includes variations to suit beginners and experienced Yogis. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Sita is a longtime practitioner in the Bishnu Ghosh lineage and certified Accessible Yoga teacher. Sita is trained and mentored by an excellent team of Swamis and dedicated Yogis in the Satchidananda and Sivananda tradition, in her new home city of San Francisco, California.

Kadisha Aburub more_vert

: Yin, Hatha, meditation

: kadishaaburub

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Kadisha Aburub has been doing yoga for 4 years and was certified RYT200 at Long Beach School of Yoga. Her personal favorite styles of yoga include yin and vinyasa yoga. For her yoga has been a practice of freedom; a practice that she utilizes on and off the mat. Throughout her class there will be an emphasis on meditation and creating a still mind while moving. Creating an environment that completely immerses you in what you are doing right now is the essence of yoga.

Shing Yiing Ong more_vert

: Pilates, Yoga, Flexibility, Pole Fitness

: bodybalance_lifestyle

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Shing is a certified Personal Trainer, Pilates and Group Fitness Instructor. This class combines Classical Pilates flow with your favorite yoga stretches, focusing on strengthening your core with a combination of stretches that will open up your entire body. You will leave the class feeling strong and flexible. (especially your abs ;))

Feral Yogi more_vert

: Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Natural Healing, Reconnecting students to the wild within

: theferalyogi

Feral Yogiclose

JD invites you to get lost...and rediscover yourself in the process! Looking to combine her passion for natural healing with her love of adventure, she founded FERAL YOGI in 2016. She is an E-RYT 500 Hatha yoga and meditation instructor, certified in wilderness and backcountry first aid. Having practiced yoga for over 14 years, her teachings offer a fresh and engaging combination of ancient ritual, philosophy, hatha yoga, pranayama, outdoor education, and meditation. When she is not traveling or teaching, she enjoys hiking, snowboarding, reading, making herbal remedies, and chasing adventure. Whether on the mat, on the trail, or barefoot on the beach, she encourages students to reconnect to the Earth and to their true nature (or divine wild) in the process. JD’s contagious energy flows into her work, making her classes as fun as they are expansive. She maintains that "yoga isn't for the flexible, it's for the willing", so whether you're a complete novice or consider yourself a life-long yogi, your mat has found its home!